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Welcome to Oadby Yoga
In person and online



Oadby Yoga would like to welcome you to our purpose built Yoga studio From here we teach all of our classes, group, on line, 1:1 and small private classes (up to 4 people).


1:1 and private classes can be tailored to your own requirements making it an ideal way to complement other sports or activities, ie running, gym, swimming, football, martial arts etc.

Our aim is to provide friendly tuition, suitable for all ages, levels of fitness and ability.  We specialise in Beginners' Yoga as well as helping those who have been practicing Yoga for a while who would like to deepen their practice, and always with an emphasis on correct alignment and breathing.


By limiting the number of students in each class you are guaranteed our complete attention providing you with a safe, productive and enjoyable Yoga experience whether you are online or in person

Throughout your practice you will be introduced to new, interesting and fun ways to get fit, stay healthy, mobile and strong.

Online Classes

If you are joining us online, our classes are run via the Zoom app which is free to download and easy to use

If you require we will guide you  through the setup process and run a test class so you can make sure everything is set up at your home before joining a group class.

Please contact us if you require any more information


Why choose Yoga?
Our Yoga is not just another exercise.
Without doubt postures performed correctly will tone, strengthen and make your body more flexible, we call this 'functional mobility'
But Yoga is much more than this, our Yoga is a mindset, a connection to the moment, awareness of the breath and
the union of the mind and body, this all helps with stress management and teaching us how to slow down and tune in
OadbyYoga is far more about the journey rather than the destination.
Take some time for yourself relax, let go and just be.

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