Yoga for Men

Saturdays 8.30am-9.30am

Your first taster class is free

Yoga is a great compliment to any training, fitness or exercise programme and is now being taken up by many elite sportsmen to enhance their performance.

Our Yoga for Men class is accessible to men of all levels of fitness and flexibility - touching your toes is not compulsory.


As many men have tight muscles - most frequently the hamstrings, glutes, pecs and shoulders, we will work to improve your range of motion using traditional Yoga positions.  You will learn how to move your body into positions appropriate to your level of flexibility and work through sequences (the Sun Salutations) which will help to warm-up and align the body, increasing and improving your cardiovascular system and stamina, before moving into positions which we will hold for a period of time to help to isolate and strengthen specific muscle groups.  As opposed to using weights, we will use isometric and isotonic movements. where you will be using your own body and gravity as resistance, which is a safer and more efficient practice.  Though Yoga can be challenging, my intention as a Yoga teacher is to encourage and guide you through these challenges in a friendly and accessible way.

Even though Yoga is looked upon as a physical practice the most amazing part of Yoga is when we find we can work deeper with our breath and part of our practice will be working with and bringing attention to our breathing, for our physical and mental well-being.


Price: £9 per class (or £7 if you book and pay for the whole month in advance)