Information to help you get the best out of your practice

Please book online by email or alternatively call the studio to reserve your place

Please arrive in plenty of time priior to the start of your class. The door will be locked a few minutes before the class starts and a sign will be put up stating that the class is in progress. Classes will start promptly

Please leave your shoes on the rack in reception. No shoes are permitted on the studio floor

Hang coats on the coat rack and leave bags at the front of the studio, try not to bring valubles with you or if you do leave them in your bag. Oadby Yoga takes no responsibility for your belongings

Mobile phones should be turned off or put into silent mode and left securely in your bag


A Toilet and changing room is situated in the room at the rear of the studio

If you bring your own water please make sure it is in a sealable container. Alternatively water is available from the studio for £0.50

Mats, blocks and bricks are available for you to use but it is recommended that you buy yourself a yoga mat and bring it along. There are mats for sale at the studio or we can advise you on what to look for if you wish to buy your own else where

It is best to practice Yoga on an empty stomach leaving at least 3 hours after a meal or 2 hours after a snack

It is also best to practice Yoga in bare feet, though please speak to the teacher if this is a issue

Wear comfortable cloathing, nothing too baggy so as to allow the teacher to check your alignment

The teacher may want to adjust your alighnment during your practice, if this is an issue please mention this to the teacher before the class

Inform the teacher if you have any health problems

During your practice please stop if you experiance any pain

Do not force your body into any position beyond its current caperbility, listen to your body it is your best teacher!

Keep a positive and non competative attitude

Ladies:  During Menstruation it is advised that you avoid inverted postures, deep twists and strong backbends

Pregnancy:  Yoga should not be practiced doring the 11th to 13th week. Demanding postures and exercises should be avoided as well as any posture that puts extra pressure on your abdomen

Above all relax, breath and enjoy your practice