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Teacher Profile

Richard Harrison 

Qualified July 2010 and started teaching part time

Teaching full time since since 2014


Yoga Alliance qualified teacher

CYQ/YMCA Level 3 Yoga Syllabus Qualified in:

Advanced exercise & Fitness knowledge

Philosophy & Fundamentals of Yoga.

Sun Power Yoga certification in:

Hatha Yoga

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Dynamic Sequencing for strength

CPD and Study in Functional Anatomy and Alignment

Sports fitness and physiologya

Yoga for runners

First Aid Certificate (Red Cross)

Insurance up to date

CRB Checked

 Our on-line Yoga Classes

Gentle  Morning Yoga  60 minutes

A one-hour class of slow and thoughtful Yoga. Taking our time to work into the positions on a level that is suitable for you while offering you the opportunity of improving both your strength, balance and flexibility.  Briefly, the class comprises of reclined and seated exercises to warm up the body, before moving into and holding some of the popular and foundation asanas (positions).


" just maintaining a reasonable amount of strength and flexibility can be seen as progressing as we age".

Richard Harrison



   Beginners Hatha Yoga   60 Minutes

Perfect for total beginners and suitable for anyone looking to learn or revisit the fundamentals of Yoga.  We will practice basic Yoga postures (asanas). The emphasis of these classes is on the teaching of the connection of breath, mind and body.

Our classes always start with a period of relaxation, gentle breathing exercises and stretching, allowing the body to warm up naturally. You will learn the Classical Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar C)  an important foundational sequence in yoga that will energize and warm you up. It will also stretch your entire body while strengthening your arms, shoulders, and legs and core.  Once the body is warm we will continue by looking at some of the more common asanas by breaking them down, allowing us to understand the connection of physical alignment and the use of the breath. Finally, ending our practice by lying down onto our mats and spending a little time time in our final relaxation (Savasana)

Hatha Yoga   60 and 90 minutes

For those who have been practicing Yoga for a while and would like to move to a more free flowing class

Using the experience and knowledge they have gained, students in this class continue to work on deepening their practice while increasing their strength, stamina and flexibility

Dynamic Flow  90 minutes

For those who would like to progress and to increase their strength and fitness through their practice. These classes start with relaxation, mindfulness and pranayama (breath work), before moving on to  Sun Salutations (Surya Namaskara A and B and C)

Though continuing in the vinyassa flow style, we will also spend time working into some of the more challenging asanas.   As in the other classes, we will finish the class by spending some time in our final relaxation.









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